Norway to launch hybrid rocket after successful test

Norwegian firm Nammo has completed ground testing of its hybrid rocket and confirmed it will launch from the North of Norway in September. The Nucleus will be the first European hybrid rocket ever to reach space.

All the components of the Nucleus rocket were tested at Nammo’s site in Raufoss, Norway. The motor was ignited and burnt for 40 seconds, until full depletion of the oxidizer and gas tanks.

Adrien Boiron, lead engineer on the Nucleus project said, “This system test included all flight components for the propulsion system, the in-flight electronics and data acquisition systems, and we also validated the controls and filling procedures, including ground support equipment.”


CHIME detects mysterious signal from space

A new radio telescope in Canada is doing its job picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as "fast radio bursts" (FRBs).

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) in British Columbia detected the first-ever FRB at frequencies below 700 MHz, a signal named FRB 180725A.

As you might guess, FRBs are milliseconds-long bursts of radio emissions that come from some unknown source across the universe. They're one of the newer cosmic mysteries around, having been first detected only about a decade ago. Possible explanations include bursts from magnetars, exploding black holes, and yes, highly advanced alien civilizations.


Aviatrix Adversity Award to support women in aviation

With only a small percentage of pilots around the globe being women, the Aviatrix Life project has a mission to encourage women to never give up on training, and to demystify the lives of female pilots and the dangers of flying. The project aims to highlight the modern-day female in aviation through photography and stories, in hopes of inspiring other women to persevere in the helicopter/aviation industry.

The founder of Aviatrix Life told Vertical the project started around 2.5 years ago, after witnessing an incident with a female pilot at HAI Heli-Expo 2015 in Orlando, Florida.


CAE introduces CAE Women in Flight scholarship program

CAE announced today at the 2018 Farnborough Airshow, the introduction of the CAE Women in Flight scholarship program, demonstrating its commitment to promoting the advancement of women in the aviation industry.

The CAE Women in Flight program encourages passionate and exceptional women to accomplish their goal of becoming professional pilots. CAE will provide financial support to aspiring female pilots by awarding up to five (5) full scholarships to one of CAE’s cadet pilot training programs across its global training network. CAE will also provide selected candidates with access to their first job through its global partners. The objective of the program is also to elevate the selected candidates to become aviation role models and inspire even more women to join the pilot profession.


EAU launches research centre in collaboration with Coventry University

Emirates Aviation University (EAU) has announced the launch of a new research centre and doctoral training college in collaboration with Coventry University.

The Dubai-based Research Centre for Digital Innovation and Artificial Intelligence will train its research students to specialise in a range of disciplines related to these fields, including aviation, management, security and smart cities.

Building on an existing partnership between EAU and Coventry, through which the two institutions have run joint postgraduate programmes in the aerospace field for over a decade, the new venture will seePhD students awarded their degree from both universities.


SIA-CAE pilot training joint venture in Singapore to commence operations

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and CAE recently announced that they would launch operations of their new Singapore CAE Flight Training Pte. Ltd. (SCFT) joint venture for pilot training in Singapore soon. SIA and CAE have concluded the establishment of the joint venture company and all regulatory approvals have been obtained. Plans for the joint venture were announced in August last year, when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

The joint venture will provide simulator and classroom training with an initial focus on Boeing aircraft types, supporting SIA Group airlines and other operators’ pilot training needs in the region. The equally owned joint venture will operate out of the Singapore Airlines Training Centre (STC) located near Changi Airport.


New level of cooperation between VDTM and MGTU GA

Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow (VDTM), a part of Volga-Dnepr Group and a supplier of aircraft maintenance and repair services, and Moscow State Civil Aviation Technical University (МGТU GА), a leading Russia-based educational institution for civil aviation maintenance personnel, have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement in terms of preparation of maintenance personnel.

For both organizations, the main goal of the agreement is to improve quality of education and competitiveness of Russian aviation. МGТU GА will be placing special emphasis on training students and highly qualified personnel in occupations with a demand at VDТМ. For its part, VDТМ will be providing employment opportunities for students and graduates in its company divisions, and promoting hands-on training in the company for the University’s teaching personnel.


Turkish Technic optimizes maintenance card Interval solution With ICRON

ICRON, a leading provider of Optimized Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization software solutions, today announced the successful go-live of ICRON’s Maintenance Cards Interval Optimization solution at Turkish Technic, a Turkish Airlines affiliate that is one of the world’s leading maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services providers. The implementation of the ICRON solution at Turkish Technic, which was carried out with ICRON’s implementation partner Deloitte and was completed in only five months, gives the MRO provider the capability to optimize its long-term maintenance plans, taking into account the individual characteristics of each aircraft such as age, type, and utilization as well as maintenance card constraints.

With ICRON, Turkish Technic is able to automatically generateoptimal block and equalized maintenance plans – with a time horizon of up to 30 years – for individual aircraft or groups of aircraft that optimize the assignment of maintenance cards and minimize aircraft ground time and maintenance frequency, duration, and setup times.


ST Engineering secures multi-year contract from Solaseed Air

ST Engineering recently announced that its Aerospace arm, ST Engineering Aerospace has secured a multi-year component Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) contract from Solaseed Air, which will see the company continuing its support in component maintenance for the airline. Under the new agreement, ST Engineering Aerospace will expand its scope of component support services for the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737-800s. 

Mr Takeo Kikuchi, Executive Vice President of Maintenance & Engineering, Solaseed Air, said, “We are very happy to extend our agreement with ST Engineering Aerospace for component support. The excellent service support and strong relationships between our staff proves decisive to select ST Engineering Aerospace as our partner while we expand our fleet. We expect that our close working relationship will continue to improve.”

Mr Lim Serh Ghee, President of ST Engineering’s Aerospace sector, said, “We are happy that Solaseed Air has chosen to continue the partnership with ST Engineering Aerospace for their component maintenance needs, which have changed through their fleet growth and maintenance planning. Such long-term partnerships enable us to fulfill our proposition in providing highly flexible and customized MBH™ program to meet the evolving needs of our customers, while they can also continue to expect the same, if not greater, level of care and dedication from us.” 

A global network of distribution centres, satellite stores and repair shops both in-house and external supports ST Engineering Aerospace’s trademarked MBH™ program. Through customized MBHTM program, airlines can select a range of support services and pay a corresponding flight hour rate.  This way, operators are able to keep operating costs low and also minimize fixed asset inventory holdings in terms of spares or maintenance equipment.  Today, ST Engineering Aerospace provides integrated component support for a fleet of more than 600 aircraft on the MBH™ basis, servicing over 20 aircraft operators in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. In Asia alone, over 10 airlines have selected ST Engineering Aerospace as their preferred component solutions service provider.


Magnetic MRO completes painting project for a VVIP Business Jet

Magnetic MRO, global total technical care and asset management organization, successfully completed a VVIP Business Jet repaint project for an undisclosed customer, once again proving itself in the VIP arena by painting a Bombardier Global 5000.

 “We approach every single paint project as a distinctive artwork as they all need a special attention and require customized solutions. However, painting a business jet, regardless of how exciting it is, refers to a totally different category due to excessive quality demands and required meticulous attention.,” stated Rihards Priedkalns, Magnetic MRO Aircraft Paintshop Manager. 


India to spend $1b on air defense system

India has quietly approved a plan to the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System-II through a government-to government deal with United States.

The moves comes before September 6 “2+2 dialogue” between defense and foreign ministers of India and United States here to bolster bilateral defense and strategic partnership.

The apex defense procurement body, Defense Acquisition Council, headed by Defense Minister Nirmarla Sitaraman, has approved the buy of hte NASAMS-II, manufactured by Kongsberg and Raytheon, at more than $1 billion, a Ministry of Defense official confirmed.


US army picks Lockheed Martin as Integrated Systems Developer for convoy program

The US Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) as the Integrated Systems Developer for its Expedient Leader Follower (ExLF) program selected Lockheed Martin.  

In this role, Lockheed Martin will lead a three-year effort to develop, integrate and test unmanned prototype systems for supporting leader/follower convoy activities within an asymmetric threat environment. Soldiers will conduct operational technology demonstrations using the prototypes developed in the ExLF program to establish operating procedures and shape future programs of record. 

"We are leveraging 15 years of experience in developing autonomous capabilities for our customers," said Gaylia Campbell, vice president of Precision Fires & Combat Maneuver Systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. "Our goal as the Integrated Systems Developer is to help coordinate a number of systems and vendors in achieving mature, reliable autonomous convoys to support our warfighters in complex environments."


Airbus unveils SmartForce

Airbus is extending its highly successful introduction of advanced data analytics in the civil aviation community to the defence market with the launch of SmartForce. 

Airbus Defence and Space together with Airbus Helicopters are launching the SmartForce suite of services to enable military operators to exploit the data gathered by their aircraft to enhance operational safety, boost mission availability and reduce maintenance support costs. Operators can benefit from services to improve troubleshooting, optimize maintenance effort, predict maintenance actions and plan smartly for material demand.

 The system incorporates on-site private data clouds to support specific military security requirements but also lays the ground for operational data-sharing between willing allies. 


IMSAR successfully tests NSP-5 ER radar on a King Air 200 twin-turboprop aircraft

US-based manufacturer IMSAR has successfully tested, delivered and integrated its first NSP-5 ER synthetic aperture radar (SAR) on to a Beechcraft King Air 200 twin-turboprop aircraft for an unnamed customer.

Offering a number of capabilities on both manned and unmanned platforms, the NSP-5 ER radar can effectively balance between low size, weight and power (SWaP), advanced capabilities and long-range versatility.

IMSAR NSP-5 ER lead engineer Ivan Ashcraft said, “Integration on the King Air 200 went very well and we are pleased see our most capable radar flying on this legendary aircraft.”


Chapman Freeborn marks 45 years in the charter business

Chapman Freeborn is celebrating 45 years of success in the aviation industry. Over the past four and a half decades the charter company has grown from a small UK-based operation to become an internationally renowned business with a global footprint.

Russi Batliwala, chief executive officer, said, “Reaching 45 years is a brilliant achievement and we look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings.  It’s our people who make the business what it is today. I’ve been with Chapman Freeborn for over 30 years and many of my colleagues have also been with the company for 10 and 20 years or more. It was great to spend a weekend away with so many familiar faces as well as the talented new starters coming through.”


Bombardier increases presence in US with new office and showroom

Bombardier recently announced the opening of a new showroom and regional office in New York City. The centrally located space in one of the world’s largest financial centres bringing Bombardier Business Aircraft closer to where its customers do business. The new office will further strengthen relationships with key stakeholders in the region who transit through the busy hub frequently.

“This office extends our commitment to the US where we have a strong customer base, as well as an extensive service and manufacturing footprint,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Being close to the customers, wherever they may be globally, has secured Bombardier’s reputation for strong client relationships and exceptional experiences. We've learned the value of staying close to our customers and providing them with easy access to our team.”