Atlantic Fuelex

Atlantic Fuelex Afghanistan

Atlantic Fuelex Afghanistan is an emerging company and has invested a large capital in petroleum products. Below is detailed information on the Mechanical, Civil, Structural and Electrical installations of Atlantic Fuelex Afghanistan fuel facility. Mechanical installations include Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks (vertical and horizontal), Upload and Download System, Fire Fighting Pump Stations, Cooling System for Fuel Storage Tanks and Fuel Filtration System. Civil Installations include offices, residential area, security towers, quality control buildings, boundary wall of the facility and fuel storage tanks, roads and security barriers inside the facility. Electrical installations include electric motors their wiring, flood lights, generators, electrical wiring of civil installations, grounding of electrical appliances, lightning arrestors over the bulk fuel storage tanks.

Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks

Atlantic Fuelex Afghanistan has a large fuel storage capacity by the virtue of a number of vertical and horizontal storage tanks. These storage tanks are constructed according to international standards by skilled technical workers.


Cavotec– shaping the airports of the future

Cavotec - A leading systems integrator

Cavotec is a leading systems integrator in the global airports sector. Our comprehensive range of innovative ground support equipment (GSE) includes air, fuel, electrical power and water systems housed in underground pits, tunnel systems and caddies. We develop technologies for our own customers, and as a trusted partner of leading OEMs.

Global expertise and local presence

Cavotec has global reach with local presence. Supported by extensive engineering expertise drawn from applications around the world, we work closely with customers and suppliers locally to deliver systems that meet the specific demands of each project.


Champion Door

Championing hangar doors for aircrafts

Champion Door is a family owned company located in Finland and it began operations back in 1974. Champion Door makes very competitive fabric fold-up hangar doors for aircraft hangar installations and all large doorways – in all sizes from military planes to jumbo jets. Door solutions with elevating support posts are the best choice for extra wide and extra high doorways up to A380 aircrafts. Doors are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

Champion Door has clients spread all around the world. Its customers are airports, airlines, airplane manufacturers and maintenance industries. It’s lightweight and durability remain its greatest advantages. Also they do not need extra heavy support structures such as many other hoist-up fabric hangar doors in the market. This helps significantly reduce the hangar construction costs. Door model NK4 Warm Door is the only one product in the market with additional thermal insulation, which will help to keep down the costs arising from the hangar heating and cooling. Champion Door is a reliable choice for all climatic conditions: It could be used in extremely cold Arctic areas to places with scorching heat climate. Champion Door makes sure that its products can endure reliable airport usage.


First Premium for suppport services

Shaping the future of Line Maintenance and Support Services in Saudi Airports

The aviation sector has boomed over the past two decades and has become an integral part of the business world in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. KSA airports currently serve over 100 airlines and receive well over 300,000 flights annually. Notably, KAIA is served by almost 100 airlines and handles over 55,000 scheduled flights annually.

The development of the airports technical support services has lagged behind the increase necessary to support the operations of these airlines. Subsequently, this has become a major challenge for the operators into the Kingdom.