Halit Anlatan

Vice President for Sales & Marketing

Turkish Cargo


Mr. Halit Anlatan graduated in 1997 from the Bogazici University's the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics .

During his over 17 years of career in the industry, he has worked for different companies, most notably with Turkish Cargo and Schenker Arkas, which are worldwide brand names.

Mr. Anlatan, who speaks fluent English, has worked as project leader for internal business effciency at Schenker Arkas. 

At Turkish Cargo, one of the most dynamic and ever-growing companies in the airline industry, he's at the helm of running its sales and marketing department. 

He has been with the company for eight years and is known for aggresively promoting the Turkish brand in the international arena. 

Mr. Anlatan is married and is blessed with three children.