Charles G. Hajdu

Acting General Manager,Fujairah International Airport

Charles Hajdu joined Fujairah International Airport’s management team in 2008 as the Strategy and Business Developmen t Manager following a 30-year career with Blue Chip Company, BAE Systems and its predecessor company British Aerospace. He was promoted to the role of General Manager in 2012.

During his tenure, he successfully implemented Operations Group to manage regulatory compliance ad safety management.

Charles began his aviation career as an aeronautical engineer at the British Aerospace production and test flying airfield at Woodford, UK in 1978 where he was involved in the design and initial technical studies for future projects like the Future Military Airlifter that later became the Airbus A400M.

Charles co-founded a specialist group of airline,airport and business operations experts, providing aviation consultancy advice, both internally and externally, to customers of BAE Systems.

It was during this period, 2003, that Charles first encountered Fujairah International Airport.

Charles has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Open University.He completed his Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Bias) from the Stockport College of Technology between 1978 and 1981.

A passionate flyer, Charles is also a private pilot license holder.