Phee Teik Yeoh

CEO, Vistara

Malaysian Phee Teik Yeoh, 47, is the chief executive officer of Vistara, the airline jointly owned by the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines.

Vistara is currently India's fastest growing full service carrier. It marked in October this year its milestone of flying 3 million customers in less than two years of operations.

The carrier also added its 13th brand new A320 aircraft to its fleet amid plans for rapid expansion in India.

Yeoh says he first learned about India when he was four as his father would take their family for a Sunday treat to Petaling Jaya beyond Kuala Lumpur.There, they would have dosas at a Tamil food stall.

Later, when he was working in the UK for Singapore Airlines, he would go all the way to the Indian areas of Hounslow or Southall for his food fix.

In the US, it was Cerritos in California.Since joining Vistara in 2013, he said food is no longer the problem, but running the airline is.