Advocate Hani Al Jasmi

Founder & CEO

Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants

Hani Al Jasmi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hani Al Jasmi Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai and Ajman, formed in 2009.

Advocate Hani Al Jasmi has vast exposure & experience in representing and defending clients in various types of cases. He also provides advices and services encompassing key areas in the UAE laws.

Hani Al Jasmi Advocates and Legal Consultants specializes in civil law,construction law,civilaviation, maritime law, banking law, family law,inheritance law, criminal law, company incorporation and arbitration.

Furthermore, Advocate Hani and his professional legal advocates and consultants team up and collaborates to cover and represent clients in all UAE Courts. They also have multilingual staff and advocates.

They maintain the highest standards of integrity, efficiency and confidentiality.Advocate Hani’s main forte is handling complex aviation and high-stake litigation as well as handling arbitration disputes with ease and professionalism.His focused approach helps him achieve the objectives of his clients.