Paul Byrne

CEO, flynas

Paul Byrne became the CEO of flynas in 2014 following a three-month term as Commercial Advisor to the airline.

With an aviation career spanning more than 35 years, starting with Aer Lingus in 1979, Paul brings a wealth of wideranging experience to flynas, focused mainly on private consultancy in both the emerging low cost and full service airline sectors.

Prior to acting as Commercial Advisor to flynas, Paul undertook short training assignments in Jeju Air Seoul South Korea and Precision Air in Tanzania.

Before that, he worked with the RM Team at Pegasus Airlines in Istanbul,Turkey, where through the use of a more analytical approach the team is now delivering increased revenues and consistently excellent results. Other assignments included Aero Contractors of Nigeria, where from March 2009 to April 2010, he led a team that developed revenue management, online sales, ancillary sales and onboard sales Educated at Chanel College, Coolock, Dubin, Ireland, Paul holds an MBA from the Open University and was a Fellow of the Institute of Independent Business International (IIBI) and was its first Chairman in Ireland.