Shekar Gunasekaran

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,Global Service Solution

Shekar Gunasekaran is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Service Solution (GSS), a startup airline that provides optimal solutions in cargo chartering, ACMI leasing, aviation support services, private jets and commercial charters.

The company is less than a decade in the market but the Chennai-born entrepreneur has managed to stir it to greater heights, winning new deals and clients that will soon lead to expansion in Hong Kong and Houston.

Shekar says the company has acquired a B747-400F which will be joining the fleet in January 2017 and more will be added as he expands his business in the region and elsewhere.

Shekar began his aviation career in 1990 in his hometown of Chennai with PIA. He later made a leap to the Russian company Aeroflot, which eventually assigned him to Mumbai.

He worked for Aeroflot in Mumbai for half a decade prioritizing mainly on operating charter flights for large pharmaceutical companies transporting freight to Russia and CIS countries.In 2003, Shekar relocated to Dubai to join Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, where he made a name for himself by “winning big contracts” which he described as “changed my profile in the market.”

Six years later, he set up GSS and by year 2012 he acquired his first aircraft and eventually expanded the fleet from 2014 onwards.

A physics graduate turned aviation entrepreneur, Shekar says he's been greatly blessed.