Rashed Khan Menon

Civil Aviation Minister,Bangladesh

Bangladesh Civil Aviation Minister Rashed Khan Menon is a career politician, on a mission to transform the country's aviation industry.

Born in Faridpur, Menon hails from a family of politicians and doers. His father was the speaker of the Pakistani National Assembly.

Menon was first elected to the parliament in 1979 and sailed through rough times throughout his career in politics.

Biman, Bangladesh' national flag carrier, continues to face economic challenges despite the government's investments.

Menon said this is an issue that he wants resolved. Biman was transformed into a public limited company in 2007. It posted Tk52 million profit in 2007-2008 and Tk155.7 million in 2008-09 but returned to losses the next five years that had accumulated to over Tk14.35 billion.

The airline turned around in fiscal year 2014-2015 with the government's support. It's adding four Boeing-787 Dreamliners to its fleet from 2018 in hopes of spurring domestic travel within the country.

Menon earned his Degree in Economics from Dhaka University in 1963 and received his master's degree the followingyear.