Saleh Al-Rasheed

CEO, Riyadh Airports Company

Saleh Al-Rasheed is the Chief Executive Officer of Riyadh Airports Company, and a member of the company's board of directors. He brings with him more than a decade of expertise in leading the supervision and development of 35 industrial cities kingdom-wide.

Mr. Al Rasheed, who served as the Director General of Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) from 2012 – 2017, led projects for the development, rehabilitation and operation of the industrial cities.

During his management, the total number of developed industrial lands more than doubled to more than 190 million square meters kingdom-wide. He has had a distinguished role in "MODON" where many initiatives and projects were completed during his leadership.

In addition to providing developed industrial lands, Al-Rasheed contributed in the innovation of new products to support the development of industry and local content, including:

-Development of integrated industrial cities.

-Ready-built factories to serve industrialists, especially small and medium entrepreneurs.

-MODON Oases; industrial cities specifically for women.

-Establishment of "MODON Lake" which represents a unique and innovative environmental solution.

Mr. Al-Rasheed contributed in increasing the number of industrial and investment contracts in "MODON" and establishing new factories, as well as attracting global industrial companies.The private sector investment in the industrial cities increased to exceed 500 billion riyals.

Moreover, under the leadership of Mr. Al-Rasheed, MODON obtained several certificates of excellence and awards,including:

-Best Saudi Working Environment Award at all government agencies level, for several consecutive years.

-Achievement Award in e-government transactions.

-Award of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems (SAG).

-ISO9001 Quality Certification.