Barbara Baumgartner

Managing Director,

FAI rent-a-jet AG, DMCC Branch

Barbara Baumgartner entered the aviation industry in 1991 when she started to work with Tyrolean Airways in her native Austria. In 1997 she along with her husband moved to Dubai. She was offered the position of head of the family office for a Saudi Minister and his Business Conglomerate. During her tenure here, Baumgartner was amongst others in charge of Asset Management, private aircraft operations and gained further experience in aircraft and yacht acquisitions and sales.

In January 1993 she joined FAI rent-a-jet AG as the Local Representative for the Middle East. Since FAI opened its branch office in Dubai in December 2011, Baumgartner became the Managing Director of FAI rent-a-jet AG, DMCC Branch in Dubai. Her long-standing experience in the Middle East has proved to be an invaluable asset in growing FAI’s business exponentially in this dynamic region.