Sheena Boisgelin

Country Head, VistaJet India

Sheena Boisgelin is the India head for VistaJet, one of the biggest operators of private jets. 

Prior to that, she was Yves Saint Laurent’s muse for seven years, modeling for niche brands such as Chanel, Dior and Valentino across Europe. 

But Boisgelin then moved on to acquire an MBA and work with British multinational firm International Computers and French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation. She has since been a strategic advisor to many firms.

“I am currently shuttling between Paris and India,” she says. Her mandate is to rope in ultra high net worth individuals to charter VistaJet’s aircraft. 

Boisgelin says she has identified quite a clutch of them already. 

VistaJet has positioned itself globally as an on-demand company for ultra high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and executives who fly regularly between 50 to 500 hours per year. 

“We will have enough numbers in India for that type of clientele and initial discussions are encouraging,” says Boisgelin.