Capt. Sharifah Czarena Suriany Syed Hashim

Royal Brunei's First Female Airline Captain

First Female Airline Captain in Southeast Asia

Capt. Sharifah Czarena Suriany Syed Hashim made history in November of 2012 when she flew a B154 from Melbourne to Brunei International, attesting her preparedness to fly a commercial flight as a full-pledge pilot.

In 2013, she became the first female airline captain for her country's flag carrier, the Royal Brunei Airlines, and the first to hold that status in Southeast Asia.

Under her leadership, Royal Brunei made another milestone marking Brunei's National Day in 2015 when it landed an all female pilot deck crew in Saudi Arabia. The reclusive kingdom does not allow females to drive.

Capt. Sharifah Czarena underwent intensive training at the Cabair Flying School, Cranfield in UK in 2003.

She was sent on secondment to Loganair as a junior First Officer on the Saab 340 turbo prop aircraft the following year.

She returned to Brunei in 2006 and joined RB as first officer on the B767-300ER. After becoming a Senior First Officer in 2007, she was selected to trainĀ to become a Captain in 2012.

Though she had made milestones in her aviation career, Capt. Sharifah Czarena continues to remain grounded, choosing to advocate for more women to get involved in the male-dominated aviation industry.