Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum

First female Dubai Royal to fly a commercial plane

Flying a helicopter or a plane may be ordinary for the privileged men in the ruling Al Maktoum family of Dubai who are accustomed to traveling and flying.But one female member of the clan—Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum—broke the glass ceiling this year when she became the first in the family to fly a commercial plane, earning the admiration of her royal relatives who discreetly congratulated her on various social media platforms as well as others across the world.

Sheikha Mozah studied at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy described as the largest ab initio flight training network in the world with world-class flight schools and 75 years of pilot training expertise.

The old contention the sky belongs only to men has long been erased with women pilots saying, “You fly the plane with your brain, not your muscles.” Working for Emirates Airline, Sheikha Mozah posted a photo on her Instagram account dated March 8, the International Women's Day, with the caption: “Ek903. First pax flight. 25 Feb” purportedly traveling from Dubai to Amman,Jordan.

The well-traveled young pilot's success is inspiring other Arab women in the region to pursue careers in fields they love, including aviation, with even the sky having no limits, as long as they work hard for it.