Capt. Nevin Darwish

First Arab female to fly Airbus 380

Capt. Nevin Darwish of Emirates Airline became the first Arab female pilot to command Airbus 380, the world's largest commercial aircraft, on March 8,2017, the International Women's Day.

Darwish, an Egyptian from Cairo, flew the giant plane from Dubai to Vienna along with First Officer Alia Al Muhairi, an Emirati and the airline's youngest female pilot to operate an A380.

Al Muhairi described Capt. Darwish as “a wonderful role model” who is “an inspiration to all young pilots around the world.”The two got their share of fame when Emirates posted their video on flying the iconic Airbus A380, attracting more than a million views on the airline's official Facebook page, according to media accounts.

The Dubai-based Emirates employs more than 29,000, 44 percent of them are women.Capt. Darwish studied at Ain Shams University, the third Egyptian university in Cairo founded in 1950.

Some of its most famous graduates include Farouk El-Baz, the Egyptian American space scientist who worked with NASA to assist in planning the scientific exploration of the moon and the Apollo mission; Mohy Abdelgany, founder of Newport Media Inc. which makes chipsets for digital audio and mobile TV, specializing in wireless connectivity and Bluetooth technology, sold for $140 million cash in 2014; Hani Azer, the chief engineer of Germany's fourth largest train station in Berlin costing $700 million known as the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, among many others.