Mona Al Abdoli

Mona Al Abdoli is an experienced and energetic Emirati lawyer who founded Dubai Airports’ legal department in 2004. .

As Vice President Legal at Dubai Airports, Mona sets corporate strategic legal initiatives, oversees all legal matters pertaining to Dubai Airports, liaises with service partners, local and federal authorities and regulators on legal matters and provides legal services, advice and consultation to protect the organization's business interests and ensure compliance with all local and international laws and regulations.

Since graduating from law school at the University of Sharjah, Mona has accumulated over 14 years of post-qualified experience while furthering her knowledge by obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Passenger Rights, being certified as an Aviation Expert by the Singapore Aviation Academy and, most recently, undertaking a PhD in civil aviation.

Thanks to such rich hands-on experience, Mona won the Dubai Excellence Government Program Award “Distinct Employee” in 2013 and was subsequently selected as an “Assessor” for the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Award.

Often referred to by colleagues as a ‘remarkable woman’, Mona is an active social speaker to educate and inspire young Emirati women’s involvement and ongoing development in the UAE’s aviation sector.

Her persistent, innovative and professional approach along with her distinct style in practicing law have helped safeguard Dubai Airports’ interests while generating significant savings for the organization and the Government of Dubai.