Quality, reliability and safety are the top priorities of MRO industry

MRO forms the support system of aviation industry. On an average the annual spends of aerospace industry on MRO is more than that of manufacturing or development. Technological developments have led to faster flights requiring higher maintenance checks to ensure safety and airworthiness. Thus the frequency of day-to-day field checks have also increased manifold.

We are now living in a Digital Age, where Aviation & Innovation go hand in hand. The supersonic & hypersonic planes zoom us around the planet in record breaking time. Technologies like artificial intelligence for simulators, additive manufacturing for flight repairs, turbo generators for hybrid flights to name a few have revolutionised today’s flying experience altogether.

However this breakneck speed of advanced aerospace has come at a price and has brought into focus the imperative necessity of regular MRO. The incidences of on-flight turbulences, belly-landings, software failure have cost precious human lives. It’s time we pause, think and analyse the best of technologies to make our flight safe.

Pace of change was never so intense. Innovations will now be bigger, quicker, and cheaper with a far-reaching global access.

“The untapped potential within India is infinite and factors like AI, block chain, space travel, predictive maintenance, cloud computing, biofuels and so on will help aerospace industry to grow exponentially” says Group Editor-in-chief of STAT Times Mr.R.K.Patra.

Quality, reliability and safety are the top priorities of aerospace industry. We now have to make machines that don’t fail. Time has come to make our machines safe and skies safer.
With this as our prime focus we at the 3rd Aerospace & Defence MRO South Asia Summit 2020 have come up with the theme.

The MRO South Asia 2020 Summit on the 6th and 7th February 2020 at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi.