AAA UAE cadets receive training at a neighboring training provider in Fujairah

Batches of cadets from AAA UAE undertook three months of training at Fujairah Aviation Academy’s (FujAA) campus.
The cadets are trained in line with Alpha’s training standards before they return to the Sharjah campus to commence the Basic Phase of the program which encompasses the transition from single pilot to Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC).

The new batch of eight AAA UAE cadets commenced their Core Flying training in March. The Core Flying phase involves cadets undertaking 70 hours of flight training on a single-engine aircraft where they learn how to effectively handle and fly an aircraft.

It prepares them for the upcoming phases of their training including Line Training with Air Arabia where they build up 1,500 flying hours on an Airbus A320 aircraft. To date, over 400 graduates have gone to fly with Air Arabia and other international airlines.

AAA UAE’s general manager, Captain Nadhem AlHamad, said, “Having two of the biggest regional players in the aviation training industry come together and forge an alliance paves way to offering a more improved and enhanced overall training.

“We are highly committed to ensuring our cadets are trained in world-class standards and are equipped with all the necessary skills to launch a successful career as an Airline Pilot. With that commitment in mind, we look forward to a successful partnership with Fujairah Aviation Academy.”

Fujairah Aviation Academy’s general manager, Captain Yahya Alboloushi, said, “FujAA will act as the catalyst for ensuring AAA to graduate its cadets on time with the skills needed to build their career.”