Intelyse, Empire Aviation operate repatriation charter flights

Intelyse and Empire Aviation have worked together to operate repatriation charter flights from Iraq to the UK.

The operation allowed more than 80 British and EU citizens to return home.

The Intelyse charter, which was endorsed by Iraqi and UK officials, flew from Basra to London Stansted via Zagreb on 22 April.

The British and EU citizens were stranded in Iraq’s oil fields for many weeks following the closure of all airports and cancellation of all scheduled flights.

Intelyse managed the task from its Dubai headquarters, working closely with Empire Aviation.

The Intelyse team, made up of multi-national experts, worked with representatives from the governments of Iraq and the UK, and authorities in Croatia and the UAE.

Passengers were required to obtain a doctor’s certificate after being screened for Covid-19. Masks and hand hygiene were also encouraged amid the global pandemic.