Simnest Aviation launches Helping Hand Program

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly shaken the world. With the closure of borders and a full stop in tourism, aviation appeared among the most suffering industries.

Most of airlines have grounded their fleets, therefore, leaving pilots without a job. Some of them will sooner get back to flying, meanwhile others will have to wait until the demand begins increasing and jobs become available on the market again.

Practice is a crucial thing for every active pilot. While they remain on the ground, therefore, some of the skills might get weaker. As a consequence, the longer pilots stay without practice, the harder it would be to get back to their professional duties.

Nevertheless, in these difficult times aviation training companies are coming with various initiatives to support pilots, and one of the recent is Simnest Helping Hand Program.

This program launched by Simnest Aviation is aimed at “the Hungary-based pilots who lost their wings recently due to the pandemic, by providing free opportunities to practice in our Simulator Center”, the company said in a statement.

Under this initiative Simnest Aviation will help pilots maintain their skills to easier find a job after aviation takes off again.

“Within the program we are providing a total of 100 simulator hours free of charge, in order to provide this opportunity to as many pilots as we can, we maximize simulator usage in 2 hours for each pilot. The entry requirements are Hungarian residential address and valid or expired A320 license”, the company provided.