Tristan Crawford – CEO and Founder, Aeralis

Tristan has a wealth of experience in the UK, French and US aerospace industries having worked for Airbus, QinetiQ and Alcan Global Aerospace & Transportation. He has held leading roles in aerospace engineering, product development, marketing, technical sales and government relations. Tristan has an MA from Cambridge University, an MSc from Cranfield College of Aeronautics in Aerospace Vehicle Design, and an MSc from the University of Chicago.

Tristan had the idea for AERALIS whilst working on the BAe Hawk jet trainer at QinetiQ, where he recognized that the jet trainer market was not yet benefitting from the Airbus approach of exploiting modular design to better commercialize aircraft sales. This led to Tristan developing a design and patent for the ‘Airbus’ equivalent of jet trainers, i.e. a modular, common aircraft design that could be easily adapted to fulfil a variety of training roles to improve market appeal whilst also generating step-change lifecycle cost benefits for operators.