Tristan Crawford – CEO and Founder, Aeralis

Tristan has a wealth of experience in the UK, French and US aerospace industries having worked for Airbus, QinetiQ and Alcan Global Aerospace & Transportation. He has held leading roles in aerospace engineering, product development, marketing, technical sales and government relations. Tristan has an MA from Cambridge University, an MSc from Cranfield College of AeronauticsRead More

612000 new pilots, 626000 technicians & 886000 cabin crew members are required to maintain the global commercial fleet in next 20 years (Boeing)

Boeing has released the latest edition of its Pilot and Technician Outlook 2021–2040. This is a forecast of how the aircraft manufacturer expects the industry to recover over the next few years. “Long-term demand for newly qualified aviation personnel remains strong, as 612,000 new pilots, 626,000 new maintenance technicians and 886,000 new cabin crew membersRead More

Quadrant expands its pilot training activities in the UAE

London-based Approved Training Organization (ATO) Quadrant Pilot is expanding its pilot training activities to United Arab Emirates. Quadrant will provide training for Boeing B737 Classic and Boeing B747-400, offering APS-MCC, Type Ratings, Revalidations and Renewals through to instructor training (TRI/SFI Courses) and tailored refresher/recurrent training. Simon Bill of Quadrant Pilot said, “These are exciting timesRead More

Egnatia Aviation receives EASA approval for its in-house ATPL exam center

Egnatia Aviation in Kavala, Greece has received EASA approval for its in-house ATPL examination center. “This marks a big milestone for the Academy and a big step forward for the ab-initio pilot training industry,” said George Triantafyllidis, Business Development & Facilities Management Director. “Egnatia Aviation cadets can now undertake their official EASA ATPL exams, in-house,Read More

World’s 1st woman pilot to cross Atlantic Ocean & Pacific Ocean solo in LSA

Aarohi Pandit, the world’s first woman pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean solo in a light sport aircraft (LSA), is all set to re-enact again in October. On October 15, 1932, J.R.D. Tata, known as the father of Indian civil aviation, piloted the first-ever flight of the Tata Air Services from KarachiRead More

WAI hosts aviation day for girls in Houston

At Houston’s Lone Star Museum about 100 girls got the experience of a lifetime for Girls in Aviation Day. It’s an annual event hosted by the Houston chapter of Women in Aviation International, a nonprofit organization that strives to inform young girls about how careers in aviation can be viable options. “Today is all aboutRead More

Hansa-NG conducts its maiden flight

The two-seater Hansa New Generation (Hansa-NG) trainer aircraft, being developed by India’s National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), has conducted its maiden flight. The aircraft, a revamped version of the original Hansa developed three decades ago, had a successful first flight when it took off from the HAL airport and flew for about 20 minutes. During theRead More

Aeralis announces investment agreement with an unnamed ‘Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund’

Aeralis has announced on 1an initial £10.5 million ($14.5 million) investment agreement with an as-yet unnamed ‘Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund.’ This financial injection will be used to ‘support the design, development and first flight’ of its Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) platform, writes JON LAKE. The investment closely follows the announcement that the company hasRead More

NASA targets launch for 1st Space Launch System mission in early 2022

A top NASA official says the agency will soon set a target launch date for the first Space Launch System mission, but that it’s “more than likely” it will slip into early 2022. Speaking at a Maryland Space Business Roundtable webinar in September, NASA Associate Administrator Bob Cabana said a firm date for the launchRead More

China heavy-lift rocket to be ready by 2028

China is showcasing a number of elements for future human lunar landing missions at a major airshow and stating that super heavy-lift rocket will be ready by 2028. Two super heavy-lift rockets, the return capsule from a prototype new-generation crew spacecraft, its parachutes and a Chang’e-5 spacecraft were on display at the 13th Zhuhai AirshowRead More