Capt. Khushbeg Jattana

A licensed, experience and established commercial pilot from Flight Safety International, Florida, USA with BBA in Aviation, Mr Khushbeg is a corporate hands-on CEO, handling a business with the same meticulous care and precision as he applied to his pilot duties. Pilot training has always been close to his heart and so Khushbeg focused
on this aspect working with several pilot training organizations offering simulator training across Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

Khushbeg is a member of the Royal Aeronautics Society. Under his leadership, Pier Seven Aviation, a simulator training establishment that provides training to pilots, has undergone a dramatic turnaround, increasing its revenue generation substantially. Khushbeg is innovative and also re-creating market driven concepts to accelerate and develop pilot training across the world.

Khushbeg is a warm human being, enjoying the company of his friends and family and, when he gets time, indulging in various hobbies. At work he is a hard taskmaster but leads from the front, has a strong work-ethic, gives support, and through these principles, seeks to inspire.