Claudia Sender

Claudia Sender is Brazil’s first female airline CEO known for promoting diversity, innovation and sustainability. She has been leading Latin America’s largest carrier, LATAMAirlines, forthe Brazilian market since 2013.

Sender first joined the airline in 2011 as commercial and marketing vice president. She was the marketing vice president at Whirlpool Latin America forsevenyears before joining the aviation industry.

She also worked as consultant at Bain & Company, developing projects for large companies in various industries, including TAM Airlines and other players in the global aviation sector.

Underherleadership, LATAM Brazil continues to lead in manyfronts, including sustainable aviation. The airline is the onlyone in Latin America to join the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index forthe fourth consecutiveyear.

Sender has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo (“USP”) and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.