Dr. K. Sivan

Dr. K. Sivan joined ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) in 1982 and was inducted into PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) Project. He specializes in aerospace engineering, space transportation systems engineering, among other technical things. His innovative contributions, particularly the strategies adopted in mission design,
enabled the consistent performance of PSLV. This has also proved to be a good foundation for other launch vehicles of ISRO, like, GSLV MkII & MkIII including RLV-TD. He is the chief architect of 6D trajectory simulation software, SITARA, which is the backbone of the real-time and non-real- time trajectory simulations of all ISRO launch vehicles.

He was responsible for commissioning world-class simulation facility in ISRO for mission synthesis and analysis, which is used for mission design, sub-system level validation and integrated validation of avionics systems in all ISRO launch vehicles.

He developed and implemented an innovative ‘day-of launch wind biasing strategy’ that enables rocket launch on any
day, under varied weather and wind conditions.

He was the chief mission architect for successful launch of 104 satellites in a single mission of PSLV. He has numerous publications in various reputed Journals including a book in Nov 2015 “Integrated Design for Space Transportation System” published by Springer.