Jaideep Mirchandani

Jaideep Mirchandani is the Group Chairman of Skyone FZE, a leading aviation holding entity with interests in several aviation firms globally managing a fleet strength of over 50 airplanes and helicopters of various modifications.

Jaideep holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and brings in deep aviation management and leadership experience in operating a highly diverse and profitable aviation entity.

Skyone Group has a portfolio of diverse aviation assets both rotor and fixed wing. It operates Bell412, Mi172 helicopters in India and Indonesia and Boeing 747’s and IL76’s in Middle East, Europe and China and Bombardier aircraft in India. It also operates a fleet of Mi-8 helicopters.

Skyone has a specialized charter business for passengers going for Hajj and Umrah. It specializes in wet leasing with several leading passengers and global cargo airlines from China, Africa and Middle East, making it one of the leading privately-owned aviation companies in the Gulf.