Australian scientists use 3D printing to tests fuels

James Cook University scientists in Australia are using 3D printing to create fuels for rockets, and using tailor-made rocket motors they’ve built to test the fuels. JCU lecturer in mechanical engineering Dr Elsa Antunes led the study, which made use of the revolutionary and rapidly advancing 3D printing technology. The JCU scientists 3D printed fuelRead More

Researchers use AI for ancillary services

Researchers are using artificial intelligence to help airlines price ancillary services such as checked bags and seat reservations in a way that is beneficial to customers’ budget and privacy, as well as to the airline industry’s bottom line. When airlines began unbundling the costs of flights and ancillary services in 2008, many customers saw itRead More

Russia’s Mi-38 receives full airworthiness certification from FATA

Russia’s latest helicopter pride, the Mi-38, received a huge boost by obtaining full airworthiness certification from its local authority. The certification by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) has, thus, opened the doors for Rostec State Corporation to aggressively market the rotorcraft worldwide. Rostec subsidiary Russian Helicopters director-general Andrey Boginsky said that several firm ordersRead More

Chinese Airlines uses AI to improve customer experience

In a business that receives around 1 million complaints a year, the ability to handle large amounts of information is critical. That is why state-owned China Eastern Airlines is now using AI to improve the customer experience, using the technology’s ability to handle huge amounts of data to tailor its services for individual consumers. TheRead More

Life saving anti-collision software integrated into first F-35s ahead of schedule

The F-35 Joint Program Office, US Air Force and Lockheed Martin have started integrating the Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto-GCAS) on to Air Force F-35As in the fleet. Leveraging a rapid, agile development, test and contracting approach, the joint government and industry team successfully fielded the life-saving technology seven years earlier than previously planned.Read More

Russian Helicopters to re-engineer helicopter parts using 3D printing technology

In 2019, Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec) is planning to re-engineer approximately 30 different helicopter parts to be manufactured using 3D printing technology and integrate them to serial production starting from 2020. “This year we are finishing the re-engineering of around 30 different parts and details that will be manufactured using additive technologies.Read More

China eyes 2035 for its green supersonic civil aircraft launch

China is looking to develop a green supersonic civil aircraft and an independently developed prototype is expected to be launched around 2035, a senior aircraft engineer said. The designing techniques of the green supersonic civil aircraft are listed among the 20 key technical problems China is working on, the China Association for Science and TechnologyRead More

Hubble captures stunning photos of exploding stars

The Hubble Space Telescope caught one spectacular show as the outburst of a supermassive star glows in bright, exploding fireworks. The star, called Eta Carinae, first erupted 170 years ago and was the second-brightest star in our sky for a little more than a decade. However, over time, the star has slowly faded and becomeRead More