Toulouse to be NATO’s new center for excellence in military space

The French city of Toulouse is to be NATO’s new center for excellence in military space. The decision was taken by NATO in January but was officially announced in February. Germany had also lobbied to host the center, which will be set up at the CST (Centre Spatial de Toulouse), which is also to beRead More

F-15EX fighter successfully makes its maiden flight

The Boeing-made jet took off from St. Louis Lambert International Airport in Missouri just before 2:00 p.m. Eastern time Tuesday, company spokesman Todd Blecher said in an email. The aircraft, flown by Boeing test pilot Matt ‘Phat’ Giese, was airborne for approximately 90 minutes before it returned to the airport, the company said in aRead More

Sikorsky, Boeing release details of their advanced helicopter for US Army

Sikorsky and Boeing recently released details of its advanced helicopter for the US Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft competition, known as FLRAA. The aircraft, named DEFIANT X, will be the fastest, most maneuverable and most survivable assault helicopter in history. Combined with the team’s unsurpassed experience in mission systems, training and sustainment, it willRead More

Airbus to provide digital services to RAAF

Airbus has recently signed a contract to provide a digital services focus for the maintenance of the Air Refueling Boom System (ARBS) on the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport (A330 MRTT) fleet. Based on the Airbus suite of digital services SmartForce, this service is intended to support the operator in reducingRead More

South Korean Army to boost its operational capability across water with M3 vehicles

The South Korean Army is set to deploy European amphibious bridging vehicles under licensed production to boost its operational capability across water obstacles. The M3 Amphibious Rig, developed by General Dynamics European Land Systems, is to be locally produced by prime contractor Hanwha Defense, according to sources at the Defense Acquisition Program Administration. The contractRead More

Navy updates its CFEMP plan to help surface sailors get more uninterrupted sleep

The Navy has a new plan to get sailors in the surface fleet more uninterrupted sleep before they stand the watch. Under the updated Comprehensive Fatigue and Endurance Management Program (CFEMP) issued in December, commanders are instructed to arrange shipboard schedules as best they can to allow sailors to work, eat and sleep at theRead More

SAMI acquires Advanced Electronics Company

Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) has acquired Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) as part of the largest military industries deal ever concluded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purchase is expected to complete in the first quarter of 2021 following regulatory approvals. As a result, AEC will become a 100% Saudi-owned Company. The acquisition wasRead More

Qatar’s first troop transport successfully carries out initial flight testing in Europe

The first of Qatar’s naval frigate and troop transport variants of the NH90 helicopter have successfully carried out first flight and initial flight testing in Italy and France. Qatar has orders for 16 troop transport variants and 12 naval helicopters, the first of which will be delivered by the end of 2021. The delivery scheduleRead More

Germany becomes 1st buyer for advanced GPS equipment under Foreign Military Sales program

Germany has ordered jam-resistant Global Positioning System receivers from the United States military, becoming the first buyer of the advanced GPS user equipment under the Foreign Military Sales program, the US Space and Missile Systems Center announced. Foreign Military Sales is the US government’s program for transferring defense articles, services, and training to international partners.Read More

US Space Force sees “huge opportunity” in developed technologies and services

The US Space Force sees a “huge opportunity” to buy commercially developed technologies and services, said Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, chief of space operations. Speaking at a US Chamber of Commerce space conference, Raymond said the private sector is making large investments in technologies the government needs, and the military has a role to playRead More