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 It's been a decade of many firsts in the aviation industry with so many innovations and  technological 
advances introduced year after year.

This year, more airports have made use of biometrics to screen passengers fast and securely. More robots
have also been introduced at different airports to welcome and answer queries of arriving guests.
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) became more ubiquitous on 
airlines and airports systems.
Self-service bag drop also become more widespread.

Smart gates were introduced at major airports to facilitate fast and smooth entry of passengers without
compromising security.

Major players in the airline industry have also turned their sight on collaborating with startups with
innovative ideas rather than with the usual suppliers. They have also introduced innovation labs or programs.
These are among the many firsts in the industry this decade.

The space industry is also becoming more exciting with new discoveries and innovations. This year,
the UAE joined the elite global space pioneers when it successfully launched an Emirati-designed
and manufactured satellite, the first in the Arab world.

The 19th Edition of Aviation Guide highlights these interesting developments in aviation along
with carefully selected news and features combined with 
some analysis and insights.

As the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and beyond's premiere B2B directory and reference,
we hope this edition will continue to be a handy tool for all of you who need easy access to
information about the industry players: airlines, air cargo, MROs, aircraft manufacturers
and suppliers, industry associations, airports, insurance, legal services, IT solutions & more.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts global aviation net profit in 2018 to
reach $38.4 billion, up from $34.5 billion posted in 2017.

Growth was attributed to the rise in passenger traffic to 4.3 billion and cargo carried
to 62.5 million tons.

As the only rapid worldwide transportation network, aviation facilitates global trade and tourism
in all economies. Its growth is crucial for a better world.

Chief Editor
Gemma Q.Casas





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