MAEL to open component maintenance center in Northampton

Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL), the leading independent MRO provider, is to open a new component maintenance center in Northampton in September 2018.

The new Center, in which MAEL has invested approximately £2 million, is being located in Northampton as that is mid-way between its Luton and Birmingham base maintenance facilities, and on the motorway network within four hours’ drive of all of its UK line maintenance stations.

Around 20 people will work at the new Component Maintenance Centre, with 10 new jobs being created. Lee Burgess, MAEL’s Head of Maintenance, will lead the Centre.

The Centre will have a wide range of capabilities, including:

Composite Repairs – repairs to an ISO class 9 standard, with composite oven supporting required repairs to both interior and exterior components

Welding – dedicated welding bay and flexible work space for support of larger weld repairs including techniques such as flame spraying 

Machining – vertical and horizontal milling machines, multiple lathes, and a range of other equipment to support repairs, part fabrication and tooling development

Cadmium Plating – trained operators supporting industry plating standards for base materials and applications, including PANTA process for composite repairs

Bearing Spinning – standard bearing removals and installation, including capabilities on high spec components such as V2500 Engine Mounts

Spraying – a spray booth large enough to facilitate a 787 elevator, with separate drying room catering for interior and exterior painting finishes

Heat Treatment – ovens compliant to industry standard for standard heat treatment and detail fabrication requirements

Therapeutic Oxygen cylinders – re-charging of breathing oxygen

Emergency batteries – re-charging of emergency power packs and batteries

Hardness Testing – material proof testing facilities

Aircraft Tooling - repairs and calibration services

Since becoming an independent MRO provider in October 2017, MAEL has announced a wide range of new agreements with airlines, which, in addition to Thomas Cook, include Virgin Atlantic Airways, China Airlines, Wizz Air, Icelandair and La Compagnie.

MAEL has permanent year-round stations at nine airports across the UK where it provides line maintenance support including all levels of maintenance on Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier aircraft types.


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