Capt. Mohammed Al Khashman

Board Chairman & CEO, Jordan Aviation

Capt. Mohammed Khashman, Chairman of the Board of Jordan Aviation began his business venture in 1998 with just one aircraft and 28 employees.

Jordan Aviation, the first privately owned airline in Jordan, now employs about 700 and operates 17 Boeing and Airbus aircraft providing charter flights around the world.

“Over the years, our fleet has increased to enable us to offer a range of aircraft types to suit the needs of the markets we serve – we now have the Airbus A320 aircraft that has joined our Boeing 737 aircraft and these can be seen operating to the Far East, Africa and Northern Europe. Our wide body aircraft have ETOPS capability and operate around the globe to destinations in the Far East, Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East, Africa and Europe and across the South Atlantic to countries such as Brazil, Uruguay,Venezuela and various Caribbean nations," Capt. Khashman said.

Now based out of the Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan Aviation also provides wet lease operations to a number of airlines in Europe, the Middle East, Northern & South Africa as well as provide charter flights for the United Nations' humanitarian relief and peacekeeping efforts across the world.

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