Rohit Kapur

President, Business Aircraft Operators Association, India

After flying helicopters in the Indian Army for countless hours, Rohit Kapur switched  to  the  business  aviation industry and  had  since  been instrumental in leading many organisations.

Presently, he is the Managing Director and Partner of Arrow Aviation. He is the President of the Business Aircraft Operators' Association (BAOA), the only recognised body to represent the voice of the business aviation community in India.

Rohit's experience in the civil aviation   industry spans across various segments: Be it in aircraft sales, operations, MRO, or setting up turnkey aviation projects.

After spearheading the establishment of Punj Lloyd Aviation, Rohit was the President of Aircraft Sales, Charters and Operations for Air Works India, when Punj Lloyd Aviation merged its business with Air Works.

In 2009, Rohit  joined  Indocopters  as CEO and was responsible for Eurocopter sales, service and product support in India as their distributor. He has to his credit turning around the company by increasing revenues 100 percent in less than two years.

In  2010,  Rohit  joined  Arrow  Aircraft Sales & Charters Pvt. Ltd as Founder Director and Partner, with direct responsibility for aircraft sales.


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