AeroGuard announces pilot training agreements with Korean partners

AeroGuard Flight Training Center proudly announces that they have reached a new pilot training agreement with The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) of the Republic of Korea, Uljin Flight Academy of the Republic of Korea, Korean Aviation College (KAC), and Korea Aerospace University (KAU).

As international leaders in commercial pilot training, AeroGuard Flight Training Center was selected by MOLIT, KAC and KAU as their preferred US-based training partner due to its superior quality training, outstanding safety record, exceptional student experience, and extensive track record training international cadets from all over the world.

The newly signed agreement between AeroGuard Flight Training Center and its international partners from the Republic of Korea marks the renewal of an existing long-term partnership. The new Agreement will extend until 2024 and will see Korean cadets training at AeroGuard’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, its new campus in Austin, Texas, and other flight school locations.

Over the course of the new agreement, AeroGuard will train hundreds of new Korean pilots, helping to meet the continuing increase in demand from commercial airlines. Boeing projects that nearly 800,000 new pilots will be needed worldwide within the next 18 years. The Asia-Pacific region will be at the forefront of global demand requiring approximately 261,000 newly trained pilots.

AeroGuard CEO, Joel Davidson, spoke enthusiastically about the new training agreement,

“AeroGuard is thrilled to sign a long-term agreement to partner with MOLIT, KAU, and KAC to train Korean pilots in the US AeroGuard has provided excellent quality training for Korean student pilots for many years, and we are thrilled to continue this great partnership.  The new agreement will provide an outstanding pilot training experience for all Korean students, and we look forward to a growing and prosperous partnership with MOLIT, Uljin Flight Academy, KAU and KAC for many years to come.

Through superior quality training, laser-focus on safety, and providing an optimal student experience, AeroGuard Flight Training Center is uniquely positioned to help meet the exponential demand for pilots, internationally and domestically.