Aersale gears up for 24 Boeing aircraft at its MRO facility in Arizona

There is a hive of activity at AerSale’s heavy MRO facility in Goodyear, Arizona. The preparations are in full swing for the upcoming 24 Boeing 757-200 Passenger aircraft. The aircraft are stored at AerSale’s Roswell, NM facility and will be ferried to Goodyear soon.

Commenting on the upcoming conversion business, Craig Wright, AerSale’s President of Aircraft & Engine Management said, “There is no rival to the B757 as a freighter, and with our younger, high-spec, and well maintained fleet we are ideally positioned to support cargo airlines with turnkey freighters to meet the booming e-commerce market. Post-COVID, the lack of freight capacity has been further exacerbated by the dramatic decrease in passenger aircraft flights whose cargo holds have typically carried the bulk of global air freight.”

The aircraft are powered by Rolls-Royce RB211-535 engines, making them the narrow-body freighter of choice due to its attractive payload, range and cost of ownership characteristics. They were delivered by Boeing in 1999 to American Airlines for passenger transport.

Nicolas Finazzo, AerSale’s Chairman & CEO added, “We are confident we can offer our customers these high quality products at competitive price”

Due to AerSale’s integrated product and services offerings  they can transition a large fleet of passenger aircraft to their best and highest use, whether through outright sale, leasing, or P2F conversions, and at both the whole aircraft and component level for engines and used serviceable material (‘USM’) piece-parts.