Andover selects FactoryLogix’s Manufacturing 4.0 platform

Andover, Massachusetts-based Mercury Systems Inc., which offers secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense, has selected Aegis Software’s FactoryLogix platform. Aegis is a global provider of manufacturing operations management (MOM) software. By implementing a holistic Manufacturing 4.0 platform, Mercury will rapidly achieve a digital transformation that supports global standardization and offers extensive yet effortless configurability to support unique requirements at the local level. FactoryLogix’s adaptable, contextualized platform will provide Mercury with capabilities to accelerate innovation, increase production efficiency and capacity, reduce costs, elevate quality, and amplify customer satisfaction.

“We are a fast-growing company, both organically and inorganically. Our current commercial MES solution could no longer support our increasing requirements for optimal system performance, enhanced user experience and adoption, and cross-enterprise analytics to support this accelerated growth. It was clear that we needed a robust yet agile manufacturing platform that would support our extreme requirements and easily scale to integrate new companies acquired,” says Imtiaz Iqbal, vice president of Mercury Systems’ Enterprise Systems. “We conducted an extensive evaluation process that included a mix of many commercial MES and ERP solutions to find one that could meet our Manufacturing 4.0 digital transformation objectives. The team chose FactoryLogix because of its native flexibility, modern architecture, performance, and well-designed user interface as the ideal platform to meet our short- and long-term requirements and objectives. Aegis’ proven experience and expertise in the aerospace & defense industry, their comprehensive and easily configurable solution platform, and their partnering and collaborative approach were a few of the reasons we selected Aegis.”

Mercury will implement a comprehensive mix of FactoryLogix’s capabilities such as production preparation and management; process workflow designer; interactive work instructions; manufacturing execution and tracking; IIoT connectivity and contextualization; quality management and traceability; maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO); and enterprise reporting.

“Mercury is a great example of a fast-growing, innovative manufacturer that recognizes the criticality of standardizing on the right manufacturing operations platform. A platform that will provide the adaptability, scalability, and complete visibility required to drive their ongoing differentiation, innovation, and growth. With FactoryLogix as their Manufacturing 4.0 platform, Mercury has a forward-looking, best practice framework that is ideal for their unique aerospace & defense requirements,” said Aegis Software CEO and Co-Founder Jason Spera.