APOC Aviation’s crowdfunding campaign raises $2.6 million in 90 minutes

Innovative aircraft and engines leasing, trading and part-out specialist APOC Aviation has raised $2.6 million in a highly successful crowdfunding campaign and Max Wooldrik, Founder and Managing Director of APOC, attributes that to the Company’s successful track record.

“This is our seventh crowdfunding raise for investment capital” he explains.  “The first time we experimented with the method it took us eleven days to generate $900,000 but we paid it back early so that generated ‘trust’ within the crowd.  Although this is the highest amount of money raised by a campaign, it is not the fastest – last time we raised $1.1m in just 8 minutes.

“As an organization APOC Aviation has strong credentials within the new-tech arena.  We have developed our own industry-leading proprietary software platform ‘Alicanto’ which deploys crucial algorithms to estimate sales price/value for airframes and engines, delivering unique services for airline customers. Our team is technologically astute and forward-thinking so we’re really happy to involve a broad community of investors via the Internet and share the exciting world of aviation with them.”

The Company has secured additional working capital from ABN AMRO, the Dutch bank.  They recently chose APOC Aviation to feature in a television commercial focusing on successful businesses, which was shown on national television and gained excellent recall throughout The Netherlands.  The next step will be a formal raise of equity/debt capital to secure a significant sum to underpin an ambitious growth strategy. APOC Aviation is in the process of introducing a new division, which will focus on leasing, trading and parting-out of CFM56 and V2500 aircraft engines, and it is forecast to teardown nine airframes and invest in three engines this year.

Wooldrik is confident that APOC’s trajectory is in the ascendant.  “We’ve seen triple digit annual growth since founding the business in 2014.  Our funding is underpinned by our asset base that delivers consistently good returns for investors, and the predicted trends within the aviation sector relating to the growth of the global fleet and the on-going dismantlement of older aircraft suit our business model. We have just concluded APOC’s first significant deal in China with the acquisition of three A320 airframes and we will use local tear-down specialists to maximise cost-efficiencies from the outset. Concurrently we will replenish our stock of universally desirable A320 components, retain value in those parts, and sustain competitive prices.”

APOC’s fast-growth strategy and dynamic program of investment is well underway and Wooldrik attributes investor interest to the fact that aviation is an attractive class for investors.  “As children we dream of flying or becoming a pilot, but few achieve that ambition.  Being involved with a Company like APOC Aviation that is embracing a new way to do business enables some of the ‘magic’ to be shared by everyone.”