Aviation industry may take up to 5 years to return to levels witnessed before COVID-19, quotes Airbus

The aviation industry was flourishing fuelled by global economic growth and business and leisure travel before the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak, however, brought the global aviation industry to a grinding halt as countries closed borders and temporarily closed their skies for international air passengers.

More than 70% of global aviation fleet is grounded due to the coronavirus outbreak measures implemented worldwide.

Aviation experts note that the industry may take up to five years to return to levels witnessed before COVID-19, as quoted by Airbus.

Verdict has conducted a poll to assess whether the recovery of civil aviation will be V, U or L-shaped, when it recovers.

Analysis of the poll results shows that the recovery could be U-shaped as opined by a majority 45% of the poll respondents.

While 28% of the respondents voted that the recovery would be L-shaped, a similar number of 27% felt the recovery would be V-shaped.