ETA renews EASA approval for its Airbus simulators

EgyptAir Training Academy (ETA) has succeeded in renewing the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) approval for its Airbus A220-300, A320-200, A330-200, A340-300 simulators.

ETA said: “We are proud to renew the approval of its A320-300 simulator for 21 consecutive years.”

The A220-300, recently renewed, is the first in the Middle East and the latest simulator obtained by the Academy.

EgyptAir Training Academy has also been contracted to upgrade its A330-200 simulator by adding the Full Stall, Icing & UPRT features; to comply with the latest local and international legislations related to Simulators & Pilots Training. This project is expected to be finalised next August 2022. By then, all EgyptAir Training Academy’s simulators will be fully complied with the latest local & international legislations.