New platform to support corporate flight attendants in their role and wellbeing

A new platform has been launched and designed specifically to support corporate flight attendants in their role and wellbeing.

The Crew Collective is a global lifestyle platform and network aimed at improving personal wellbeing among corporate flight attendants while supporting individuals professionally.

“The role of a corporate flight attendant is wonderfully unique but the lifestyle can be stressful, lonely and isolating at times,” said co-founder Emily Webb. “What the industry lacks is a network which encompasses not only career support but self-care guidance too, until now.”

As well as providing a community for a disconnected industry of professionals, The Crew Collective pushes self-care and plans to equip its members with the tools to provide the best service on-board while taking the best possible care of themselves both at home and on duty.

Webb, who is a working corporate flight attendant, said: “We recognize the benefits of a sense of belonging for physical and mental health and the social ties that accompany this as a protective factor in helping manage stress.”

The Crew Collective will open its membership doors at the end of January 2021 offering various resources to flight attendants across the globe, including information directories, discounts on brands and services, exclusive online tutorials and networking events, self-care support and mentorship.

Co-founder Rebecca Spinks, also a working corporate flight attendant, said: “We recognize that there is underrepresentation of certain issues within our industry and intend to be instrumental to genuine change by actively promoting personal wellbeing as a priority.

“Following a tough year in 2020, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to create a platform where a disconnected community can come together to support one another both personally and professionally.”