Pratt & Whitney launches comprehensive maintenance coverage

Pratt & Whitney has introduced a comprehensive level of pay-per-hour engine maintenance coverage called Platinum for its new PT6 E Series engines powering the Pilatus PC-12 NGX aircraft. This coverage is offered through the Eagle Service Plan.

Nicholas Kanellias, vice-president, general aviation at Pratt & Whitney said, “As the first turboprop engine in general aviation to offer a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system, the PT6 E-Series engine has taken aviation to the next level for our customers. The industry has been moving towards a more comprehensive level of engine maintenance coverage and the Platinum solution for this engine certainly addresses that market-driven trend.”

Pilatus PC-12 NGX owners will discover that Platinum coverage includes all standard items covered by ESP Gold. Beyond that, it offers Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and environment-induced damage, including engine removal, installation and rental, a first in general aviation.

“Since we are now covering FOD, we are working with major underwriters in the industry to improve the premium rates for hull coverage as we understand how premiums have been trending over the last few years,” said Kanellias. “Additionally, ESP Platinum customers receive a suite of Proactive Services managed by a team of Pratt & Whitney engineers and analysts who examine engine data proactively to schedule maintenance activities ahead of time and to improve engine availability.”

By supporting the move towards a 100 percent planned maintenance environment, Proactive Services help customers eliminate unwelcomed surprises and reduce their costs by minimizing issues or averting them entirely. Pratt & Whitney’s ESP engine maintenance coverage comes with no annual minimums (you only pay when you fly) and is fully transferrable upon the sale of the aircraft.