Future Perfect: Cavotec’s Integrated Aircraft Support Systems

Cavotec global engineering group is revolutionising aircraft servicing at airports in Middle East and all over the world with its Integrated Aircraft Support System, a unique solution that dramatically improves safety, efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

“Cavotec systems play a vital role at airports by improving passenger comfort, driving profitability and reducing environmental impact,” says Juergen Strommer, Cavotec Airports and Industry Division President.

A leading systems integrator and manufacturer in the global airports sector, Cavotec’s innovative ground support equipment provides air, fuel, water and electrical power to aircraft via innovative pit and tunnel systems.

“Our systems improve safety, efficiency and sustainability by replacing mobile GSE with in- ground services. This reduces apron congestion, prevents aircraft and infrastructure damage, and improves safety for passengers and ground service personnel,” says Strommer.

To date, Cavotec has installed more than 1,000 Integrated Aircraft Support Systems at top global airports such as Dubai, Bahrain, Heathrow, Los Angeles and Beijing Capital.

Economic, environmental gains today and tomorrow

Placing essential services – fuel, 400Hz power, pre-conditioned air (PCA), and blue and potable water – below ground generates considerable operational efficiency gains that improve profitability.

Enabling the connection of aircraft to 400Hz power shortly after arrival at the gate allows aircraft auxiliary power units (APU) to be switched off, thereby also reducing environmental impact.

Cavotec calculates an average 30 per cent cost saving in jet fuel per gate with the introduction of its power systems. Similarly, the wider use of electrically powered equipment helps to reduce CO2 and SOx emissions.

Furthermore by integrating solutions with automated systems, we reduce  human error and enable faster aircraft turnarounds. This results in improved gate utilization, thereby reducing CAPEX required to accommodate future growth,” Strommer adds.

An unrivalled track record

 Cavotec recently completed a large turnkey project for PCA, 400Hz and technical pit systems for Al Maktoum International Airport, and supplied Supercool DX PCA systems for Dubai Airport’s Concourse C upgrade.

Today, Cavotec is the single largest supplier of PCA and pit systems for Dubai Airport, with more than 1,000 units in service at three terminals and remote aprons including the EXPO apron.

Cavotec has long been a preferred partner of Dubai Airports partly due to its advanced PCA technologies having unique capabilities to cool aircraft – including new, large aircraft – in Dubai’s demanding ambient conditions.

Cavotec is currently working on a complex turnkey project to design, supply, install, test and commission sub-freezing PCA systems, PCA and 400Hz systems, including in-ground services, for Bahrain International Airport.

 These systems will be installed at Multiple Aircraft Ramp System (MARS) stands, where Cavotec’s systems will service a wide variety of aircraft. Another Cavotec innovation its subfreezing PCA system is a breakthrough for the aviation industry. The twin blower system supplies cool air to aircraft at tempera- tures as low as 25 degrees Celsius.

Cavotec is also a steadily growing presence across the Indian subcontinent. The group recently won several important orders, including for vault access covers and fuel hydrant pits for Delhi International Airport and GPU Pits for Hyderabad International Airports.

 Cavotec has supplied a large number of fuel pits to the region’s airports, for example Mumbai International, Bangalore’s Kempegowda International, and Chittagong and Sylhet airports. The Group has also supplied fuel systems to four major Indian Air Force bases.

To learn more about how Cavotec is transforming aircraft servicing, visit our website at cavotec.com.