Turkish Cargo: The fastest growing global cargo brand you can trust

Serving the air cargo industry since 1933, Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing cargo brand in the world serving 126 countries, a proud part of Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier and rising star of Turkey, is yet again expanding its global footprint.

Since becoming a brand under the name “Turkish Cargo” in the year 2000, the successful air cargo carrier now serves 319 destinations across the globe, 88 of which are direct cargo. It has a fleet of 344 airplanes, 24 of which are direct cargo.

The successful air cargo carrier with highly qualified personnel, ever-expanding flight network, and one of the youngest fleets in Europe, keeps the impetus on its growth combined with increasing capacity and capabilities.

According World Air Cargo Date (WACD), a global leader on data research, Turkish Cargo increased its sales tonnage by 8.8 percent in September 2019 maintaining its 7th place in the global air cargo market despite the industry shrinking by -5.4% during the period.

Performing air cargo operations to over 300 destinations in the world, Turkish Cargo will adequately deliver superb services with a cargo handling capacity of 4 million tons a year at its plant with total area of 165 thousand m2 at the Mega Hub Istanbul Airport ideally located at a distance of just 7-hour flight to over 60 capitals.

The plant, to be completed in two phases, will have IT developments and optimization, robotic automatic storage systems (ASRS–PCHS), special cargo services PER – AVI, and Express – E-trade operation areas.

The technology-supported services and operations will be carried out such as the provision of intercommunication of all systems and operation participants through Iot & Big Data, enhancement of operational efficiency, acquisition of more space, and minimization  of human-dependent operations through handling procedures through dedicated teams in 43 special cargo storerooms corresponding to a total area of 3,500 m² in its successful special cargo operations, minimizes the risk for health products, which are highly vulnerable, by using active temperature-controlled Envirotainer and CSafe containers, Opticooler, a high-end container cooled by electricity, Thermal Dolly, and disposable thermal covers, which are thermal- insulation blankets.

Continuing its operations in Istanbul, the convergence point of all air cargo traffic, the successful air cargo brand sustains its growth by investing on infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet, and dedicated personnel.

Turkish Cargo aims to become one of the top 5 air cargo brands in the world in 2023 by combining its broad service range and operational capabilities with Turkey’s unique geographical advantage.

UGV&UAV, digitalization of the previous paper-based processes through E-Freight, and reduction of error rates and costs through RPA.

Continuing to invest in E-trade gradually increasing its weight in the industry, Turkish Cargo will provide services such as door-to- door logistics activities, trucking, collection and distribution, freight transportation, cross docking, and final mile delivery through the Hong Kong-based joint venture company “We World Express” established jointly with the Chinese express cargo brand ZTO and PAL Air of Hong Kong.

Continuing to support Turkish exports as well as maintaining its growth in the industry, Turkish Cargo performs important charter flights. It has carried 600 tons of fresh Turkish cherries, which is in the making of a global brand for its taste and quality, to Norway.

Similarly, it transported Chester variety Turkish blackberries, admired for its aroma, big size, and quality, to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and China on board its wide-body cargo aircraft and air- conditioned trucks.