Zhukovsky International Airport Cargo: The new cargo gateway to Central Russia

ZIA CARGO is a cargo and mail handling operator located at Zhukovsky International Airport (Moscow Region, Russia), a new airport that took its first flight three years ago in the fall of 2016.

ZIA CARGO is now at the final stage of its expansion. The company’s management estimates the overall infrastructure readiness at 95%. According to CEO Evgeny Solodilin, the scope of work now involves just finishing the interior and installation of equipment, and all will be completed by the end of the autumn.

The licensing and compliance with all legal formalities, however, will take some more time. Thus, the opening of the complex for the operation of import and export will take place in early 2020.

The infrastructure of the cargo terminal is designed to meet the modern requirements for efficient and safe storage and transfer of cargo. It will support 24-hour and precise accurate tracking of cargo operations, including loading and unloading aircraft, organizing storage and subsequent land transportation of any cargo types.

At the current stage of development, the carrying capacity will be 100,000 tons of cargo annually. In the future, we plan to significantly increase this volume: to expand the one under construction now and put into operation an additional terminal. By 2025, we will be able to receive up to 300,000 tons annually.

Answering a question about the main obligations to customers, Evgeny Solodilin noted the importance of providing clear, individual solution:

 “In Zhukovsky International Airport, passenger and cargo transportation develop simultaneously, and for us they are of equal value. We are able to offer our partner a really good deal. And we are not talking about pricing policy only. Customers will be able to take advantage of the full support cycle. Various products will be offered. For example, the possibility of providing additional services within the logistics chain, especially the first mile and last mile services.

“We are also ready to offer integrators and major forwarders the Time Advantage service that will allow for a unique advantage a dedicated airside, which will help the customers with large cargo turnover to receive accurate and timely flight service strictly on schedule and devoid any risk of delay due to the air traffic.

“Cargo handling services will be provided in a single package: transportation via road and air, handling documents, customs clearance. If necessary, new enterprises will be created for these services, including a specialized track delivery company. The key to success lies in studying the needs of the customers and offering individual solutions.”

It’s a rapidly-developing project: in the next two years, Zhukovsky International Airport showed a rapid growth of its main indicators. In 2018, 1.16 million passengers used the airport’s services, almost tripling the numbers of the previous year (425,500 passengers in 2017). As a result, Zhukovsky International Airport came in the first place in Europe in terms of passenger traffic growth rates. One of the advantages provided by the airport is the longest runway in Europe (5,400 m). It allows receiving and servicing any type of aircraft without any take-off weight restrictions.

The initial ground-based infrastructure created in Zhukovsky allows for passenger transportation, but the lack of modern solutions for working with international cargo hindered progress. That should change soon. The second stage of infrastructure development at Zhukovsky International Airport began in 2018. The first project was the construction of a multifunctional warehouse complex for the processing and storage of domestic and international cargo and mail.

Airport authorities have already concluded contracts with the majority of Russian carriers and preparing to enter the international market.

General Information

Cargo terminal

This is a modern multifunctional complex with temporary storage warehouse and customs infrastructure. The complex has a total area of 9,200 square meters. The cargo site will provide simultaneous reception and processing of shipments through six cargo gates: 2 for domestic lines, and 4 for international flights. The areas inside the terminal will be divided in a similar fashion. ZIA CARGO will be able to handle any type of cargo without restrictions, including large-sized, heat- sensitive, dangerous, valuable and live animals. In addition to the cargo infrastructure, the building will contain offices of the partner organization and government services.

Aircraft apron

 Aviation apron for cargo aircraft has an area of 92,000 square meters, ZIA CARGO can simultaneously serve 4 cargo aircraft of the B747 type (up to 6 ships of the B737 type). Direct access to taxiways and runway reduce hold-on time in approach and taxiing.


The Moscow Region is the most economically developed region of Russia. A significant part of the country’s GDP and up to 80% of the turnover is concentrated here.

The location on the main transport highway “M5 Route Ural” and proximity to the largest industrial parks and logistic centers opens the possibility of building an effective logistical system. The favorable location at the intersection of traffic flows opens up promising opportunities for constructing an effective intermodal communication: ZIA CARGO – the only enterprise in Aviation apron for cargo aircraft has an area of 92,000 square meters, ZIA CARGO can simultaneously serve 4 cargo aircraft of the B747 type (up to 6 ships of the B737 type). Direct access to taxiways and runway reduce hold-on time in approach and taxiing.

Business support

ZIA CARGO provides maximum support at all stages of partnership development. Support and advice in legal issues resolving, foreign economic activity and interaction with the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation.

Additional benefits of cooperation are achieved through attractive tariffs (35% lower than average at Moscow Aviation Hub) and the possibility of a significant expansion of the geography of flights due to the fixed status of the regional Airport and open quotas for commercial international destinations.