Revolutionizing Engine Maintenance in the Middle East: The MTU Maintenance Journey Unveiled by Poonam Chawla

In the dynamic landscape of aircraft maintenance in the Middle East, MTU Maintenance stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Poonam Chawla delves into the intricate tapestry of MTU Maintenance’s endeavours, shedding light on their pioneering initiatives that are reshaping the industry. The Middle East Aircraft MRO Market size is expected to grow fromRead More

NASA’s Upcoming ISS Mission to Boost Space Laser Communications and Atmospheric Monitoring

NASA intends to advance space laser communications and Earth atmospheric monitoring with new science and technology endeavors in an upcoming payload resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The launch of crew supplies, food and equipment along with research and technology experiments and development hardware will take place no earlier than Nov. 5 onRead More

MBZ-SAT: UAE’s Next-Gen Imaging Satellite Redefining Earth Observation

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) is forging ahead with building its MBZ-SAT Earth-observation satellite. This will be the region’s most advanced high-accuracy, high-resolution imaging satellite. It is designed to monitor environmental changes, water quality, and assist in agricultural development. MBZ-SAT will be equipped with an automated system for arranging images around the clock,Read More

UAE’s Second Lunar Rover in the Works

The UAE is planning a second attempt to land a lunar rover on the moon after the first failed to land successfully. Work in now under way on Rashid 2, a replacement lunar rover. The Japanese Hakuto-R Mission One lander, which carried the Emirati rover and many other international payloads, was launched aboard a SpaceXRead More

Girls in Aviation Day Soars to New Heights with Over 30,000 Participants Worldwide

Girls around the world recently participated in the ninth annual Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD), organized by Women in Aviation International (WAI). The number of participants more than doubled—from 16,000 last year to 30,000—and the number of countries where the events took place grew from 19 to 31. Girls in Aviation Day is part ofRead More

CAE and APG Collaborate to Boost Safety Skills and Training in Aviation

CAE and Aircraft Performance Group, a flight operations software provider, have announced a strategic partnership to enhance training. APG’s expertise in aircraft performance and runway analysis instruction is being brought in to enhance CAE’s overall business aviation training offering. “The partnership with APG enhances CAE’s business aviation training by giving our instructor pilots unique insightRead More