Mikail Akbulut

Having graduated from HIstanbul Technical University Electrical and Electronics Faculty, Electrical Engineering
Department in 2009, Mikail Akbulut completed Electrical Engineering Master’s Program in 2011.

Akbulut started working at Turkish Technic as an Avionics Maintenance Engineer for the Aircraft Maintenance Directorate in 2010 and pioneered the acceleration of aircraft maintenance processes and cabin modifications during his career. Akbulut, who was appointed as the Narrow Body Maintenance Manager in 2016, managed nearly 1,000
routine maintenance activities annually and contributed signiö cantly to the ø ight operation of Turkish Airlines.

In 2018, Akbulut was appointed as the Senior Vice President of Cabin Interior Maintenance Directorate, and he led the maintenance activities and system improvements of Turkish Airlines’ in-flight entertainment systems, as well as cabin interior heavy maintenance activities of many airline operators. He fulfilled this duty until December 2020, and as of 2021, Akbulut became the Chief Operations Officer (Line & Base Maintenance) responsible for airc raft
maintenance and operations, and as of May 2021, he was appointed as the CEO of Turkish Technic and Member of the Executive Committee.

Akbulut is also a member of the board of directors of Cornea Aero Systems, an affiliate of Turkish Technic.