Muhammad Ijaz Haider

Muhammad Ijaz Haider is the founder and CEO of Soaring High, Inc. which he established in 2004. Ijaz has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry as an Aerospace and Logistics Engineer. Throughout the years, he traveled around the world and acquainted himself through different facets in the aerospace industry, from maintenance levels to warehousing internationally. His passion for aviation only widened when he formed Soaring High, to provide better customer services in the Middle East and South Asia regions.

This multinational company has become a one stop distributor and representative of specialized aviation which provides high performance hardware and equipment for aerospace, electronics and engineering industries in the Gulf regions, Asia and Europe. The      company has  collaborated  with  renowned  OEMs,  Stocking distributors and authorized OEM repair centers to market a diverse and wide range of products and MRO services in the region; distributing products in relation to aerospace, industrial, oil & gas, avionics, mechanical, textile and food industries.

Soaring High’s commitment to providing high-priority and integral aviation parts with swift delivery and hands on approach towards finding quick solutions to all the problems; it has earned high reputation among its customers worldwide as being the one stop distributor in this industry.