Syed Mohamed Wazeer

Syed Wazeer, Managing Director of Prime Aviation, had his MBA in Aviation Management from Coventry University in the UK and Airline Management Integration from IATA.

He formed the company in 2019 which beneöts from his decades of rich experience in the industry. It began as a charter scheduling broker and has now evolved into an airline with its own feet of planes. The pandemic ushered an opportunity for Prime Aviation to grow more amid increased demand for air cargo services, pushing it to unprecedented trajectory of growth, expansion and profitability.

Wazeer’s priorities are to focus on their core strengths of cargo consolidation and scheduled operations while expanding their feet and net work of coverage. Having worked in war zones and experienced in liaising with government entities to ensure uninterrupted flow of goods despite impediments, Wazeer believes Prime Aviation can accomplish this. With trust and integrity built with its clients over time, the company is conödent in sustaining its business. Investing on technologies, Wazeer envisions to provide transportation solutions to areas that are hard to reach across the region, thereby, empowering its people with supplies and possibilities.