AeroGuard Flight Training Center launches new training group in KSA

AeroGuard Flight Training Center, a global ab-initio pilot training group, has launched AeroGuard Arabia near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, its first campus located outside the USA.

The new location will service aspiring future commercial pilots from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East region, and across the globe.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center has more than 20 years of experience training commercial airline pilots, graduating more than 7,000 future airline pilots for major airlines based all around the world. With AeroGuard Arabia, AeroGuard will bring its same professionally focused structure, training environment, processes, and curriculum to Saudi Arabia, training students locally to become the next generation of pilots in the growing Middle Eastern aviation market.

AeroGuard CEO Joel Davidson said: “The market in Saudi Arabia and across the entire Middle East is a key focus for AeroGuard where we see huge potential for growth. The Region has become a high growth tourist and trade destination, translating to strong demand for highly trained and capable airline pilots.”

Vision 2030 will see upgrades across the aerospace industry within Saudi Arabia including infrastructure and airports, the launch of a new national airline, and the nurture of supporting industries, all with a goal for the country to become a key international travel hub and destination.

“We are extremely excited to offer this aviation training opportunity for Saudi Arabian aspiring pilots, Saudi and regional airlines herein our home country. Saudi Arabia is set to become a key player in the aviation industry and having a local solution – combined with the advantage of years of AeroGuard experience and expertise – means we can prepare for the massive opportunity that is Vision 2030,’ said Mansour Alsharif, an AeroGuard ArabiaSM Board Member.