Guardian Mobility’s G6 and G6-S Certus Satcoms Approved on Iridium’s Next Satellite Network

Guardian Mobility has expanded its product line of airborne connectivity terminals, with the G6 and G6-S Certus satcoms now approved on Iridium’s Next satellite network. The terminals operate on the mid-band of the Next system with bi-directional 88 Kbps transmission speed.

“We can support applications such as live video, automated flight following, real-time images, health monitoring, and more while significantly lowering operational costs,” according to Guardian Mobility COO Stephane Momy.

Guardian claims the “G6 is the world’s first and only truly mid-band bi-directional 88/88 Kbps terminal in an all-in-one design.” Momy added, “This product fills a gap in the mobile satellite communications market with the optimal bandwidth for its size, weight, and power.”

The G6-S has the same capabilities and features as the G6 but can accommodate an external antenna configuration for the UAV/drone and high-altitude airplane markets.