Saudi Arabia to start Saudization of aviation jobs for women

The Director of the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), Engineer Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Al Omar, revealed the start of Saudization of aviation jobs for women, in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

During the Saudi Airlines’ celebration of the graduation of the first batch of the GOAL program, which was launched in January 2020, Engineer Al Omar stressed that all co-pilot jobs have been 100 percent localized, and that Saudi Airlines is employing nationals in all fields.

The aviation and air transport industry and the associated support services and empowering them in the corporation’s sectors, companies and strategic units to promote the localization of the industry in the Kingdom, and the age ladder, graduation certificates for twenty employees who have met the conditions and criteria for admission to the program and completed its requirements that give the graduate the opportunity to be qualified to work in the future as a manager of one of the Saudi Airlines stations inside and outside the Kingdom

Women bring their specialist skills to ground support roles in aviation.

They provide specialist support in one of the following categories:

Engineering and technical – roles include aircraft technician, cyberspace communications specialist, and survival equipment specialist.

Catering and hospitality – roles include chef and caterer.

Medical and medical support – roles include nurses, medics, biomedical scientists, and environmental health.

Personnel support – roles include human resources, physical training instructors, and musicians.

Air operations – roles include air traffic control, flight operations, and air cartography.